Our Birds

Our Birds

Native Strain Pheasants

When this strain reaches maturity, they weigh approximately 2 ¾ to 3 pounds. These pheasants have a green back with very little blue.  Their breasts are a little more of a reddish to brown color. In general, these pheasants are a little darker in color. These roosters are known for their explosive flushing abilities.

When these pheasants reach 22 weeks of age, the roosters weigh 2 ¾ pounds to 3 pounds. They have a noticeably longer tail than most other Ringneck pheasants and have blue and green on their backs. They range in color on their breasts from a lighter orange to a deep purple. These pheasants are for the trophy hunter that wants a colorful bird with an extremely long tail.

Midwest Strain Pheasants

Toe Clipped Roosters

These pheasants are extremely wild! They are raised without blinders and are given 75 square feet per pheasant in our flight pens. They are the most demanded pheasant that we offer. We only raise a limited number of these birds due to the amount of space required and the difficulty of raising them. They are typically our native strain of Ringneck pheasants. These pheasants are used by the preserve owner that wants to be more discrete about releasing pheasants on their property. These are the wildest birds on our farm.

Hens are a great way to repopulate your fields. Our hens have been fed a high quality feed and are raised in an environment that replicates wild habitat. Fall hens will be 21-28 weeks old when sold. When hunting, hens add a great thrill to the hunt making the hunt more authentic. Spring hens are usually around 40-50 weeks old when sold. We do not collect eggs from these hens. They are raised with roosters and are sold as fertile hens that are fully feathered.


Melanistic Mutants

The roosters will typically weigh around 3 ½ pounds when mature and the hens will weigh approximately 2 ½ pounds. These birds have a beautiful iridescent greenish-black plumage. They have a high survival rate when released into the wild. Sold as a straight run only.

We offer started pheasants from 1 week old to 15 weeks old. Some people don’t have the time or facilities to start day old chicks. Our started birds are a great way you can raise pheasants without having to worry about the birds when they are so delicate in the brooder barns. Our most popular started birds are 6-7 weeks old, which are ready to go outside into fields or flight pens upon delivery.

Started Birds

Our prices are based on the number of birds purchased in a season and the number of birds delivered with each delivery. Call for a quote on started or mature pheasants.