MTM Pheasants Premier Game Bird Producers

Mature pheasants available from mid July through mid April.

Pheasants are raised in their natural habitat.



We take great pride in our ability to raise extremely wild pheasants right here in the Midwest.  Having larger than industry standard pens and planting a natural habitat helps us raise the wildest pheasants on the market.  Being centrally located in South Dakota and Nebraska allows us to deliver your birds to you quickly.  Our customer service is unsurpassed and goes beyond the delivery of your pheasants.


I have had the pleasure of doing business with MTM Pheasants out of Pender, NE for several years now. They have the friendliest staff who is very flexible in working with their customers. They go above and beyond by delivering birds many miles in all types of weather at the request of their customers. MTM Pheasants raises only the highest quality birds in well-maintained pens. As a customer I appreciate the communication they have with me on deliveries, pricing, and bird availability. Thank you MTM I look forward to many more years of working with you.

Kieth Eriksen Craig, NE

We buy MTM Pheasants and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the birds and the service they provide.  They are the very best!

Gary Black Black's Pheasant Fields

MTM Pheasants has the wildest pheasants we’ve ever used.  The guides cant’ tell the difference between the wild birds and the MTM birds.  Their quality is very consistent and they are extremely reliable.  I can’t say enough about these guys.

Joe Cain Hole N’ The Wall Lodge

Why Use MTM Pheasants?

  • We have unsurpassed customer service.
  • We have individual flight pens that are over 2,000 feet long.
  • Being located in Nebraska and South Dakota allows us to offer quick deliveries.
  • We have state of the art brooder barns and larger than industry standard flight pens.
  • Flight pens allow a minimum of 20 square feet per bird.
  • Delivery is available 24/7.
  • We use only high quality feed to ensure healthy, strong flying birds.
  • We test for Avian Influenza every 90 days.
  • Mature pheasants will be sold when they are 21-25 weeks old.
  • We own our own DOT certified fleet of delivery trucks and trailers.
  • Member of the NPIP Program, NAGA and Pheasants Forever.