Fast Deliveries

Fast deliveries are the key to our success of having wild birds. The less time the birds spend in the crates helps reduce the amount of stress on the birds.  Being centrally located in Nebraska and South Dakota allows our drivers to get the birds to you within hours of being loaded, not days.  We can even offer same day delivery in most cases.  Our fleet of DOT certified trucks and trailers can deliver smaller loads of 50 birds to larger loads of 3,000 mature pheasants. Delivery is available anywhere within the continental U.S. and is available 24/7.  You get to schedule your delivery dates and times.  We will work around your schedule.

Our friendly and professional delivery drivers will gladly assist you with a field release of your birds.  If you are putting your birds inside a facility of some sort, our drivers do not require any assistance. We want to make the delivery process as easy as possible for you.

If you prefer to pick your birds up at one of our farms, please call prior to your arrival.



The crates we use are designed to keep your birds safe and calm. We use two different sizes of crates on our farm.  The smaller crates work well for partridge and shorter pheasant deliveries.  We prefer to use the larger crates when  hauling the birds over 500 miles.  However, if you have a preference on the crates, we will gladly use whichever you prefer.

We put straw or wood shavings in the crates to help keep the birds dry and clean which helps preserve their trophy tails. If the weather is going to be extremely cold or wet, we put a tarp over the top of the crates and put panels on the sides to help protect the birds.

We also offer crates for sale! We are a dealer for Ruff Land Performance Kennels.  Call our office about prices and free crate delivery options.