Brooder Barns

The brooder barns are where we raise the day old chicks until they are 6 to 7 weeks old.  These barns have state of the art technology running every aspect, and have the capability of being heated to 105 degrees in the cold winter months.  We enforce strict bio security procedures in our barns to ensure we keep our birds healthy and stress free.

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Flight Pens

The birds are placed in the outdoor flight pens when they are 6 to 7 weeks old.  Most of the pens are initially planted with corn and koshia.  Our pens are maintained with a natural habitat that will help them adjust to the wild when released.

Our pens are at least 100 feet wide with the lengths varying from 200 feet on up to 2,000 feet.  The pens are suspended at 14 to 16 feet high.  We allow each bird 20-22 square feet.

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Pender, Nebraska  &  Gregory, South Dakota

Our main farm and business office are in Pender, Nebraska.  In the winter of 2019, we expanded our operation into Gregory, South Dakota.  The Gregory farm will allow us to raise an additional 28,000 mature pheasants every year.  Customers have the option of picking the birds up at the farm or we offer daily delivery service.

Bio Security

We enforce a strict bio security policy on all our farms to help prevent diseases.  Visitors are limited to appointments only.  Employees take extra precautions when traveling between farms and wash and disinfect the vehicles on a regular basis.  Each brooder barn is equipped with clean coveralls and rubber boots so we don’t risk exposing the young birds to a disease.